Chrysin Side Effects

Chrysin Side Effects

Chrysin refers to a chemically extracted flavone that naturally occurs in the blue passion flower as well as in the sticky substance used by bees to build their hives. Chrysin belongs to a polyphenol class called flavonoids. There is a wide range of health claims that have been made for this flavone. Some studies by European scientists have indicated that the use of Chrysin can increase the levels of testosterones in the body. However, Chrysin has a few side effects that you should consider before using it. This article highlights how Chrysin works and its side effects.

How Chrysin works?

Testosterone helps in strengthening and building muscles. Body builders and competitive athletes are always looking for the most effective ways to elevate their testosterone levels. This would offer them a more competitive edge over their opponents. This is where Chrysin comes in handy. Chrysin helps to reduce the production of estrogen and increase testosterone levels in the body.

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Chrysin Side Effects

There are no major side effects associated with Chrysin. However, physicians advise Chrysin users to limit the usage of Chrysin to an eight-week period and follow dosage information precisely. Breastfeeding and pregnant women should avoid Chrysin as there is no sufficient scientific data available to back its safety.
There are some medications that can be changed or broken down by the liver. Taking Chrysin with such medications may increase the possible side effects of these medications. It can also change how well or how quickly the medication works.
Cancer medications are sensitive to the decrease of estrogen levels in the body. Aromatase inhibitors can reduce the production of estrogen in the body. Laboratory studies have proven that Chrysin is an aromatase inhibitor. Therefore, taking Chrysin will decrease estrogen production thereby making cancer medications less effective.
According to some studies conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Chrysin as an aromatase inhibitor, it was discovered that it can inhibit thyroid function. In some cases, a malfunctioning thyroid may lead to serious weight gain problems and this can be counterproductive to the initial purpose of this supplement; which is muscle building.
If you are a competitive athlete or body builder looking for the best and most effective way to raise your natural testosterone levels, then Chrysin is the ideal option. But look at the aforementioned side effects carefully before buying it.

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Benefits of using DHEA cream

Benefits of using DHEA cream

DHEA cream is applied to and absorbed by the skin. This cream is mostly commonly used by women for bioidentical hormone replacement. DHEA is also known called as Dehydroepiandrosterone, a natural steroid prohormone found in the body. It is a naturally occurring compound that is created by cholesterols in adipose tissue, brain, skin, gonads and adrenal glands. It’s otherwise called as the Deep Hydrating Essential Aloe Cream, an alternative body cream of DHEA< Chrysin, Pregnenolone and Progesterone.

Ingredients found in DHEA cream

The main ingredients found in the DHEA cream are as follows.
Deionized water.
Caprice triglyceride,
Aloe Vera Gel
SD Alcohol
Herbal extract,
Natural oil to enhance the utility,
Tocopheryl and

Why DHEA creams are effective ?

DHEA cream is mainly used by women and men of all ages with symptoms such as low DHEA, Low adrenal, thyroid, progesterone, testosterone and estrogen hormonal imbalance. It is easy to apply and allows to be absorbed by the skin. Let us see some of the main benefits of using DHEA cream.

Benefits of using DHEA cream

Here are some main benefits that you can obtain from using the DHEA cream.
It boosts sexual desire, performance and satisfaction
Healing of wounds
Regeneration of bones and skin
Increases the formation of collagen
Fights aging and reclaims your youthfulness
Quality sleep
It helps in overcoming breast cancer,
Weight loss
It also helps to build muscle

How to apply DHEA cream?

For best results you must use DHEA cream at least once daily. Before applying the cream you must wash the area your going to apply the screen first. Since this will allows the cream to enter the skin more effectively. Massage the area where you applied the cream until the grit is gone. It shows good results within a short time. Meanwhile its vert safe and effective. It’s also highly recommended not to over use the cream then recommended.

Why many people use DHEA cream over Pills?

The main reason why many people turn to DHEA cream over conventional DHEA supplement is because it’s easier to regulate the actual amount your body will absorb. Most of the women apply DHEA cream on their face to reduce wrinkles and fight against aging. Moreover its absorbed straight into your blood stream to show best results. One need not worry about side effects, since the majority of clinical trials has proved that the cream is no side effects.

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Chrysin Cream Side Effects

Chrysin Cream Side Effects

Chrysin is a bioflavonoid that has shown potential of being a natural aromatase inhibitor. Chrysin comes from various kinds of plants that include the passionflower, honey and bee propolis and the silver linden. For quite some time now, body builders have been using it as a testosterone-boosting supplement. Despite the use of chrysin by body builders, one of the problems associated with it is that when consumed orally, its absorption into the blood stream is rather poor. This poor absorption does not produce the enhancing effects that most users want. Chrysin has been widely promoted in the field of supplements as an aromatase inhibitor, which has resulted in large volume sales. In spite of all the chrysin sales made, there has been in fact no in vivo study, which means a study performed in living organisms, to prove the effectiveness of chrysin in humans. Many of the studies done come to similar conclusions that state chrysin does little to affect a person testosterone levels. There are also studies that show chrysin improves the overall sexual function of a man and sperm count.

Uses of Chrysin

The uses of Chrysin are quite a few and vary from person to person. Most of the people use it to increase testosterone levels and muscle strengthening. Competitive body builders and athletes often look for means by which to increase their level of testosterone to gain a competitive advantage. Chrysin also acts to block the production of estrogen. In addition, chrysin is in some cases used to treat gout, anxiety, baldness or erectile dysfunction. In some rare cases, people use it to for cancer prevention.

Side effects

There are reports that claim chrysin cream side effects are quite a few. Physicians who prescribe chrysin to their patients, advice them to use it in limited amounts and in periods of eight weeks. The dosage information provided must also be followed as precisely as possible. In the case of pregnant and breastfeeding women, the advice is to be on the safe side and keep away from chryin all together. This is because the scientific data that is available on the side effects of chrysin cream on such women is still insufficient and therefore it is better to be safe than sorry. In addition, one is not supposed to take chrysin while there are on other medications. Mixing of doses might lead to further side effects that may be harmful.

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Chrysin is a naturally occurring flavonoid that is known for its numerous health benefits. It is naturally extracted from a rare plant known as passiflora incarnate, also called passion flower, and can also be found in small proportions in honeycombs, mushrooms as well as Indian trumpet flower. The extract is known to be more powerful than most anti-aromatase drugs on the market today and the chrysin aromatase inhibitor is used by both men and women to treat both high estrogen and low testosterone levels by preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. However, it is poorly absorbed in the bloodstream when taken orally, and therefore most people are opting for the Chrysin cream which is easily absorbed when applied to the skin.

Health Benefits:

Besides regulating testosterone and estrogen levels, chrysin also hinders the suppression of natural killer cells that are known to kill cancer cells that escape into the bloodstream during surgery. The extract also blocks the formation of breast cancer resistance proteins therefore preventing multi-drug resistance in cancer patients who use traditional drugs. It is also used by body builders, especially those who take high doses of androgens, as a supplement. Moreover the extract contains antioxidants that perform vitamin-like activities in the body.

Aromatase Inhibition:

When used in high concentration levels, chrysin is known to be an aromatase inhibitor, but only if applied to the skin externally since orally administered chrysin does not exhibit any clinical activities as an aromatase inhibitor. Its inhibiting effects are making it more popular in body builders as well as athletes.

Dosage and Administration:

Since chrysin is poorly absorbed in the blood stream after oral administration, the chrysin cream is preferred over supplements and has proved to be the most effective. You may start by applying 1 g of the cream daily, which equates to a total daily dose of 100 mg. The absorption may be enhanced by using a cream base as well as penetration enhancers that make absorption through the skin much easier. Creams are also preferred over oral administration since the cream bypasses major stomach organs thus minimizing gastric degradation. Once you have used the cream for six weeks or so, you should go for a hormone test to evaluate your estrogen levels and if there is no change then you can increase the dose.

Side Effects:

Chrysin is a natural extract; therefore, using a usual dosage, no side effects are usually noticed.

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Chrysin Cream

Chrysin Cream

 What is Chrysin Cream?

As men age, testosterone levels begin to decline. This can be a result of many factors, including poor diet, lack of exercise, various glandular dysfunctions, alcohol abuse, and even simply too much stress on the body and mind. One of the biggest causes of declining testosterone in men as they age, however, is excess aromatase enzyme activity. This activity, when it gets out of control, which it can as we age, results in too much of our valuable testosterone being turned into estrogen. Obviously then, men want to avoid having this happen above normal levels. But what are we to do? How can men stop this aromatase enzyme activity from converting too much testosterone into estrogen?


By using an aromatase inhibitor

When men are diagnosed by their doctors as having too much aromatase enzyme activity, they are often prescribed a type of drug that is know as an aromatase inhibitor. This class of drugs works to shut down the activity of the aromatase enzyme through various means. As the drug begins to work and aromatase is lowered, then less testosterone gets converted to estrogen. There are a range of aromatase inhibitors currently on the market. One of the most popular aromatase inhibitors today is called chrysin cream.
Wait, what’s that?

Chrysin (or 5,7-dihydroxyflavone if you’d rather) is a compound extracted from a plant that is called the Passiflora coerulea. Experiments on the plant have been ongoing for many years now, and it was sometime in the 1980’s when this bioflavonoid compound was discovered. After many tests and studies, it was found that at the proper dosage, this compound was quite capable at reducing the aromatase enzyme activity in both men and women. Originally, this drug was used primarily to treat or reduce risk of breast cancer in women who were thought to be at high risk for the disease. This is because the cause of breast cancer is often believed to be excess estrogen in women. These women at risk for the disease are often called “estrogen dominant women.”

But men can be estrogen dominant as well, when excess aromatase enzyme activity occurs. As a result, this extract of the Passiflora coerulea has begun to be prescribed to men. This can be extremely beneficial to men who are looking to regulate the testosterone and estrogen bounce in their boy and recapture the “vigor” of their youth. The use of this drug can result in the following positive effects in male patients:

Greater stamina
Increased mental clarity
Higher energy levels
Increased libido
Greater muscle tone
Better sexual function
Greater mood

Obviously chrysin can be very beneficial to the right person!

How is chrysin taken?

When it was first studied, the extract was given as an oral pill. Although it was still found capable of inhibiting the aromatase activity in this form, extremely large doses of the drug were necessary. Doses of one to even three grams were necessary to see the desired effect in men.  A dose of this level is not sustainable over the long term. So what was done about this?

Enter chrysin cream. Creams are extremely effective at being absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream directly. This gives the absorption rate of the drug a substantial boost. So much so that it takes a mere fraction of what it would if you took your chrysin orally! Still, you must make sure your cream is of a quality nature. You do not want a chrysin cream that feels bumpy or grainy like it has grains of sand in it. This is an indication that you may have a lower quality ream that may not absorb as efficiently into the blood stream as it should be.

If you believe you may have flagging testosterone levels, it may be that too much of it is being converted to estrogen. It is important that you talk to your doctor to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Due to the rising popularity of the clinical use of aromatase inhibitors in men, it is highly likely that a chrysin cream will form an important part of your treatment plan. If so, you must make sure that you are only using a chrysin cream of the highest quality and not an inferior product. After all, your hormonal health is of paramount importance!

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