Chrysin Cream

Chrysin Cream

 What is Chrysin Cream?

As men age, testosterone levels begin to decline. This can be a result of many factors, including poor diet, lack of exercise, various glandular dysfunctions, alcohol abuse, and even simply too much stress on the body and mind. One of the biggest causes of declining testosterone in men as they age, however, is excess aromatase enzyme activity. This activity, when it gets out of control, which it can as we age, results in too much of our valuable testosterone being turned into estrogen. Obviously then, men want to avoid having this happen above normal levels. But what are we to do? How can men stop this aromatase enzyme activity from converting too much testosterone into estrogen?


By using an aromatase inhibitor

When men are diagnosed by their doctors as having too much aromatase enzyme activity, they are often prescribed a type of drug that is know as an aromatase inhibitor. This class of drugs works to shut down the activity of the aromatase enzyme through various means. As the drug begins to work and aromatase is lowered, then less testosterone gets converted to estrogen. There are a range of aromatase inhibitors currently on the market. One of the most popular aromatase inhibitors today is called chrysin cream.
Wait, what’s that?

Chrysin (or 5,7-dihydroxyflavone if you’d rather) is a compound extracted from a plant that is called the Passiflora coerulea. Experiments on the plant have been ongoing for many years now, and it was sometime in the 1980’s when this bioflavonoid compound was discovered. After many tests and studies, it was found that at the proper dosage, this compound was quite capable at reducing the aromatase enzyme activity in both men and women. Originally, this drug was used primarily to treat or reduce risk of breast cancer in women who were thought to be at high risk for the disease. This is because the cause of breast cancer is often believed to be excess estrogen in women. These women at risk for the disease are often called “estrogen dominant women.”

But men can be estrogen dominant as well, when excess aromatase enzyme activity occurs. As a result, this extract of the Passiflora coerulea has begun to be prescribed to men. This can be extremely beneficial to men who are looking to regulate the testosterone and estrogen bounce in their boy and recapture the “vigor” of their youth. The use of this drug can result in the following positive effects in male patients:

Greater stamina
Increased mental clarity
Higher energy levels
Increased libido
Greater muscle tone
Better sexual function
Greater mood

Obviously chrysin can be very beneficial to the right person!

How is chrysin taken?

When it was first studied, the extract was given as an oral pill. Although it was still found capable of inhibiting the aromatase activity in this form, extremely large doses of the drug were necessary. Doses of one to even three grams were necessary to see the desired effect in men.  A dose of this level is not sustainable over the long term. So what was done about this?

Enter chrysin cream. Creams are extremely effective at being absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream directly. This gives the absorption rate of the drug a substantial boost. So much so that it takes a mere fraction of what it would if you took your chrysin orally! Still, you must make sure your cream is of a quality nature. You do not want a chrysin cream that feels bumpy or grainy like it has grains of sand in it. This is an indication that you may have a lower quality ream that may not absorb as efficiently into the blood stream as it should be.

If you believe you may have flagging testosterone levels, it may be that too much of it is being converted to estrogen. It is important that you talk to your doctor to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Due to the rising popularity of the clinical use of aromatase inhibitors in men, it is highly likely that a chrysin cream will form an important part of your treatment plan. If so, you must make sure that you are only using a chrysin cream of the highest quality and not an inferior product. After all, your hormonal health is of paramount importance!

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